Arivaan-The Revelation/ Tamil Show

Arivaan-The Revelation/ Tamil Show
Genre: Crime, Thriller, Suspense
No. of episodes: 5+
Rating: 9/10
Language: Tamil with English subtitles
Content-type: Web series
Platform: ZEE5

Arivaan Cast:

  • Jabudeen Faruk as Hari
  • James Kumar as Deva
  • Gayathri Segaran as Banumathi
  • Udaya Soundari as Akhil
  • Venga as Hari’s father

Arivaan web series is one of the best Tamil crime thriller web series and the meaning of Arivaan is The Knower in Tamil. The story has been told in a gripping and non-linear style. You can watch the story of a retired policeman who has supernatural power, searching for a mysterious serial killer. The killer has the link to his past and this ex-police officer follows his intuitive power to reveal the truth of a ghastly murder. The series becomes quite interesting as the story unfolds and the introduction of Banumathi and Hari is done in a nice manner as her crush towards Hari is portrayed poetically. 

The audience keeps guessing, why they broke up, and about Hari’s present condition. There are many scenes that raise the pulse of the viewers like the Live TV show scene and Akhila’s narration of a traumatic incident perturbs the viewers. Intro scenes are amazing and correlate like the plastic bags to cover the head and when Deva reaches the railway bridge, the audience has their hearts skip a beat. The script and Cinematography of the web series are magnificent. 


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Arivaan-the revelation is a Singaporean Tamil International crime suspense thriller web series by Kumaran Sundaram and D. Velmurugan. The web series has been produced by Mediacorp Eagle’s vision. The story is about two police officers Hari and Deva and a Psycho serial killer. Hari is a retired police officer and is using medication now. Banumathi is the ex-wife of Hari and works as a nurse. Deva is Hari’s old friend and is investigating a case of the missing girl. Akhila was rescued from the psycho killer in the past and is going through post-traumatic disorder. When Shalini Devi’s 21-year old girl goes missing, her parents try to reach her through a live TV program which is shocking and full of horror. Many years later, the serial killer is back again. Will the police find him and rescue the abducted girl? What is Hari’s past and why did he break up with Banu? Will Hari and Deva team up to catch the psycho killer. 


Jabudeen Faruk has put life into the character of Hari as a suave police officer. James Kular has impressed in the role of Deva. Banumathi played by Gayathri Segaran is stellar. The entire cast and crew of the web series have given their best. Watch Arivaan web series as it is full of suspense, tales from the past, and unexpected twists.  It is the No. 1 Crime thriller Tamil web series as the end of the series is enthralling and keeps the viewers gripped till the climax. 

Final words:

 Watch Arivaan if you want to watch high-quality Tamil content. It is an intriguing suspense thriller and murder mystery that is bound together by gripping narrative and enthusiastic cast. Arivaan was the first cast on the Singaporean Tamil language streaming service and has been appreciated for its gripping storyline and brilliant acting. 

Stream the web series on ZEE5 and binge-watch the series as we are sure it will keep you gripped till the end. 

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  1. Akanksha Singh

    Another addition to my binge watch bucket list.. the show sounds so interesting and thrilling.. thanks for sharing about this

  2. Arivaan seems like a great show, full of suspense and thrilling moments. I love murder mysteries with gripping narrative, and Arivaan ticks all the boxes. Will definitely watch this one!

  3. Me n my husband enjoy watching such series and this is gonna be super fun to watch specially after reading the storyline,it seems to be a good thriller worth watching. Adding it to my “to watch” list.

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