Home remedies for cold and cough for toddlers

                                 Home remedies for cold and cough for toddlers

Toddlers and kiddos catch cough and cold easily and all you want to do is make them feel better quickly. There are numerous home remedies that can help ease the symptoms before you start medicine from the drugstores. Over the counter medicine should be avoided in children below the age of six as it can cause several side effects.

There are numerous herbal and alternative home and natural remedies that can help you battle coughs and colds this winter. Home remedies are safe and less expensive and they can help your child feel better easily as they are available in almost every house.

Here are the home remedies that can help your toddlers get immediate relief from cold and cough:

A spoonful of honey: Honey is a great natural remedy that helps the toddlers get a better night’s sleep if swallowed half an hour before bed. Owing to the antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, the cough gets settled easily. Honey is easily available at home and a little amount works for kids. Children love the taste of honey and consume it easily so you will not have to run after them to have it.

Lots of liquids: it is very important to keep the kids hydrated when they catch a cold or cough as it makes them feel better. When the toddlers catch a cold, they feel lethargic and do not eat or drink much. Offer a small number of fluids like soup or water. Fluids can help get relief from cold and cough as they clean the system.

Saline water: Saline gargles and mist can help the mucus become loose and it is easier to clear it out of the nose. It is very difficult to make the kids gargle with saltwater, so you can try the humidifier or steamer as it will loosen all the mucus from the chest or nose. Saline water is the best to fight with mucus so use them as drops or mist and gently clear out their noses to make them breathe better.

Humidifier: Humidifier in your child’s room can help with the management of cough and cold symptoms as it keeps their Airway Moist. Cool or hot mist, both can help get relief from cough and it is also important to wrap your toddler in a blanket while he breathes in cool air from the humidifier.

Sponge Bath: Sponge Bath with Luke warm water helps in bringing down the fever and helps get rid of chest congestion too. You can also add any anticipate and some shower gel to the sponge bath as it will keep the child away from bacteria and germs. If the fever is high then place cold water strips on the forehead.

Keep the child’s head elevated: Keep an extra pillow to elevate your child’s head elevated as it helps clear the chest and nose congestion. While sleeping if the head is elevated, the child can breathe in a better manner.

Apply Vicks Vaporub: This is amazing over the counter ointment that works as a great home remedy. The strong scent of Vicks Vaporub can help improve the cold and cough symptoms, especially during bedtime. Rub it on the chest, nose, and back for best results. You can also add it to the steamer and let the child inhale the mist.

Final Words:
Coughs and Colds are very common in Toddlers during winters and there is no magical approach to get rid of them instantly. However, these home remedies can help your child get rest and comfort, so use these remedies and keep your toddler happy and healthy.

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  1. My son has been having a cold since a week now. Will try these tips and hope he feels better. Honey and haldi I put in the milk and give him. I’ll try some easy soup too!

  2. When the season changes, kids catch cold quite easily… These remedies are really helpful! Thank you for sharing!

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