How to Choose The Right Formula Milk For Your Baby?

How to Choose The Right Formula Milk For Your Baby?

Do you feel lost when standing in the baby formula aisle and looking for the right formula milk for your baby? With a wide variety of choices available, you must be confused about which one to pick up. Parenting is a tough job in itself and choosing the right formula milk for your baby can be quite tricky as it is important to know whether your baby will digest the formula or not. However, this is not as tough as you have imagined it as there are just different options available with different ingredients. You can make a better choice for your baby by understanding the available options. 

As a mom, I feel stressed all the time whether my baby is getting the right amount of nutrients that are essential for his proper growth. Although breastfeeding is the best option for early months after some time moms cannot breastfeed the babies due to insufficient milk supply. Formula milk is recommended by doctors for even older babies who are one or two years old. Here is a little about the various types of formula milk available nowadays.

Different forms of Baby Formula: 

  • Ready-to-use Formula: This type of milk is ready to use and all you have to do is open the lid and give it to your baby. These formulas are mostly used in hospitals and you can use them if you are traveling around with your baby and wish to avoid using outside water. Once you open the lid, the formula needs to be consumed within 48 hours. This formula is a bit expensive too. 

  • Liquid Concentrate formula: This is a convenient formula that is amazing and all you have to do is mix this formula with equal amounts of water. It reduces the measuring time and you can prepare the formula quickly. The container is available in a smaller size as compared to the ready-to-use milk. 

  • Powdered Formula: This is one of the most popular options as it can be fed to the baby on a regular basis. It is easy on the pocket and convenient to carry. It lasts for a month after the container is open, but can be tricky to prepare the right amount. However, this type of formula can be a bit taxing when you have to wake up in the middle of the night to prepare the formula. 

Types of Formula Milk-

There are mainly three types of Formula milk-

  • Cow’s milk-based formula: This is one of the best and most common formula milk. This milk contains the right balance of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates that can be digested easily by an infant. The nutritional balance in the cow’s milk is quite balanced so this is perfect for a child. 

  • Hydrolyzed Formula: Some companies create a hydrolyzed formula that has protein molecules broken down in small portions or to the minuscule version. This helps the babies to digest and absorb proteins with no difficulty. This formula is mostly recommended for premature babies with immature digestive systems or if a baby has an allergy to a particular protein in the milk. 

  • Soy-based formula: Soy milk is one of the best alternatives to regular milk. Baby Formulas based on Soy Milk are also used as a replacement for cow milk protein. Using these formulas depends on the choice of the parents, but in some cases, doctors might recommend it. It is given in cases of lactose intolerance and soy milk offers the required nutrition in this case. 
  • Lactose-free formula: In case your baby is suffering from lactose intolerance, then this formula is the best. This intolerance may result in an inability to digest milk sugar, so lactose-free formulas replace this sugar with a different type of sugar. This formula milk can be easily given to children with lactose intolerance. 
  • Formula for premature babies: Many babies are born early before the due date and don’t have the right weight at birth, and their bodies have different demands for nutrition. There are certain formulas available in the market that focus on calories and proteins. These are delivered to babies through medium-chain triglycerides. Choosing the right type of formula depends on the present weight of the child.

Before choosing the right formulas, look for formula samples to check allergies and then purchase the right one. Try to buy from store franchises that have large branches across the country, as you can get the required quantity at an affordable price.

Make the powdered formula your primary choice as it is the most convenient and cheap to use. Make sure to check expiry dates as the formulas lose their nutritive value as they cross expiry dates. 

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