Romance- Mistakes to avoid in it

Mistakes to avoid in it

Everything around feels good with love and romance in the air with butterflies in the stomach and lightness in the head. You feel an urge to get a glance of your crush in college or office and take extra time to dress up nicely in the morning.

If you have finally had the courage to tell your crush that you have developed feelings for him and he has agreed that he too feels the same for you, then new romance has started. You will have jittery feelings and will be excited to be in a relationship with him.

New love comes with so many exciting things that you may be really lost and may commit some mistakes that can prove to be bad for the relationship.

However, we are here to guide you about mistakes to avoid during the onset of a new romance.  

  • Take lessons from your past relationships: With every relationship, there is a lot to learn and understand and you must understand that it has failed due to a reason. It is crucial to understand why the relationship was a failure and avoid making the same mistakes again. Change yourself to be a better person to make this new romance happy and amazing.

  • Don’t be too clingy: Every relationship requires some space and being too clingy can be a total no-no. This is a new journey and you may be excited about all the prospects but questioning too much can turn him off for good. It is important to leave some space and not be too clingy with him. This will help the new love nurture and the relationship will move on to a beautiful path naturally. 

  • Don’t be always available: In new relationships, your loved one is always on your mind and you are eagerly waiting for a text from him or longing to meet up. However, this may seem too desperate. We suggest that you should not be available for him all the time like replying to texts at odd hours or meeting after a tiring day at work. This should be avoided as your partner may take you for granted. Live your own life too and spend time with your friends or family too. Don’t make him your priority to meet and leave everyone else. Take out some time for your friends too. 
  • Don’t try to change him: when you had fallen for him, you liked him for what he was, so why try to change him according to you. Don’t try to change a person even if you don’t like some of his habits and traits. Accept him for whoever and whatever he is to make your relationship work. Trying to change him will only make the relationship worse, so explore the world together like two different people and make your relationship beautiful. 

  • A relationship is not just about you: Selfishness does not work in a relationship as romance is about two people and one person dominating the other can break the relationship. When discussing and expressing your opinion, don’t overpower your partner and allow each other to contribute to conversations. Pressurizing the other person may lead to numerous conflicts so avoid too many expectations and let the relationship nurture. Relationships are about teamwork and romance can be successful only if its not about you alone. 

We hope you have a successful and happy relationship and keeping the above points in mind you. I hope you have a great time.

13 thoughts on “Romance- Mistakes to avoid in it”

  1. I won’t say I completely agree with you on this, but 90%, I have seen a few relations not working out cz of the remaining 10%. But then again, every relation and every individual is different, so we never know what might work out and what not.

    1. Relationships are definitely funny. We learn something from every failed relationship while new ones bring more challenge. Being happy together and not disturbing the ecology of other person in a relationship is key I feel

  2. The first two was def me clingyyyy but I did learn from my last relationship s and trust me it makes a lot of difference.

  3. Noor Anand Chawla

    Yes all these points are true. One must meet their partners halfway, for there to be true romantic bliss and synergy.

  4. Those are some very decent advice. Personally I feel every relationship needs some room to breathe and nurture. Good relationships develop over years of hardwork.

  5. Loved reading this, these are some very good pointers, even I am trying not to change him 🙈

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