Top 5 Baby diapers in India

Top 5 Baby diapers in India

Whenever we think of babies, the first thing that strikes our mind is baby diapers as diapers have made life much easier for the parents. Disposable diapers are one of the most important requirements for a baby as they are comfortable and convenient to use. However, there are so many brands available in the market due to which mothers find it difficult to select the paramount diaper that suits their baby. Choosing the best diapers for your baby depends on numerous factors like price, comfort, and utility.

Here are a few tips for buying disposable diapers for your baby:

 Choosing the right size of the diaper is important to select one according to the baby’s age and weight. Brand sizes are available in small, medium, large and extra-large so choose appropriately

· Buying larger packs will be more economical and you should be on the lookout for discounts and schemes.

·  Choose the diapers based on your requirement as some diapers are designed for an overnight while some are like pants.

· Diapers should fit the baby snugly to avoid leakage but should not be tight.

Check out top 5 diapers as per moms

  1. Huggies: These diapers are quite popular in the country and the company has gone far and beyond to understand the market and design the product accordingly. The material of the diaper is highly absorbent and diapers are soft and fresh that keep the babies dry for a long time. These diapers are clinically proven to prevent diaper rashes. Even though the diaper is a bit thick, it is breathable and remains dry even after nighttime use.


·        It has a double leak guard

·        Extra protection from leakage

·        Convenient to wear and dispose of

·        No gender restriction for using the diaper


·        No wetness indicator present

2.      Pampers: These diapers are of good quality and quite comfortable. They provide you with value for your money as you get extensive leakage protection. These diapers are highly absorbent and do not become bulky after absorption. Pampers fit quite snugly and remain dry even after 12 hours of nighttime usage. Pampers are available on various discounts and schemes so you can take advantage of that and buy them in bulk. Your baby can move freely while wearing it and the cases of rashes are quite less.


·        Slim and light diapers that fit snugly

·        Has wetness indicator

·        They are soft and stretchy and fit the baby’s size to avoid leakage

·        High in quality and has great absorbing capacity

·        No diaper rashes


·        Little expensive

3.      MamyPoko Pants: These are pant style diapers designed by a Japanese brand and are pull up baby diapers that do not have tapes like conventional diapers. They are more convenient to use for an active child as it does not restrict movement. They are soft, comfortable, dry and lightweight diapers. The articles are absorbent, breathable and have crisscross absorbent sheet that spreads the fluid evenly and prevents sagging.


·        Crisscross sheet absorbs water up to 7 glasses

·        The diaper does not get heavy

·        Stretchable thigh support to prevent thigh gaps


·        Wetness indicator is not present

4.      Himalaya Baby diapers: Himalaya is an Indian brand that uses natural materials to manufacture the products. These baby diapers are infused with Aloe Vera and YashadaBhasma that stops the growth of enzymes and germs and prevents rashes. Himalaya diapers are soft and comfortable with a superabsorbent polymer layer that absorbs instantly. This diaper can be used overnight and they have a wetness indicator that turns green when the diaper is full.


·        Has natural products like aloe vera and YashadBhasma to prevent diaper rash

·        It has SAP layer that absorbs multiple wetness and provides maximum protection

·        It has a soft and easy to fit design for maximum comfort


·        The herbal components may not suit all skin types

5.      Snuggles diapers: These diaper pants keep the baby comfortable both during day and night and has soft cotton material that keeps the baby’s skin smooth and dry. They are made using non-woven and breathable material that is gentle on baby’s skin. The crisscross top layer has larger absorbing area and the product is triple-locked from sides for leakage protection.


·        It is a pant style diaper that is easy to pull up and remove

·        Gel magnets in the diaper absorb a large number of fluids and keep the skin dry


·        There is no wetness indicator

Final words: Parents are always worried about the baby’s health and protection and selecting a diaper is quite important. You must try different brands initially to find out which one suits the best for your baby. All you have to do is pay attention to factors like skin rashes, overflowing and itchiness.

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  1. Me being a cloth diaper mama had the need to check on the disposables at times! Mainly during vacation so it was really a tough situation for me to decide on! Momypako pants tops my list

  2. Aakriti Gupta

    Well I have tried 4 of the 5 above mentioned brands. However, pampers have by far worked the best for my daughter. And we have become a loyalist to it.

  3. This blog would be great help for new parents to decide in choosing diaper. Except Himalayas I have used every diaper for my little one.

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