Treat her with respect!

Treat her with respect!

Women have to face a lot of scuffles while balancing their personal and professional lives and even though they work hard, they get the least respect from her husband and family. Male think that women are only meant to work for their family and looking after the kids is entirely her duty.

However, looking at the current times, when women are working professionally as well, this is not the case. Nowadays women have started working and contributing to the financial well-being of the family and they have equal rights as men, so why don’t they deserve respect. This is why it is not only the Mother who is entirely responsible for the kids, as they are the responsibility of the father too. 

“ Why didn’t you take my son to the park?”

“Why is our child’s result not good?”

“Where is my breakfast late?”

These are the phrases most women hear every day from men as they think that they are superior to women. All these statements can demotivate women as they get a feeling of being overused, lack of respect, and feeling of depression. When these things cross the limit and become extreme, there comes a gap in relations and marriage.

Men are also responsible for their kids and for their parents, then why leave all the responsibility on women? These are old and outdated thoughts when women were completely dependent on their men for shelter and food and in return, she had to work at home, take care of the entire family. Nowadays when women are self-dependent, marriage needs to be based on three pillars Love, Equality, and Respect. 

Here are a few things that men need to understand to have a successful married life:

  • Your wife is your family, not a nanny, your employee, or a caretaker: Many husbands treat their wives like a caretaker or an employee and don’t give them the required love, care, affection, and respect. They expect only the females to take care of children and the entire family and perform all the chores single-handedly. However, it is the responsibility of men to care for their wives, respect them, lend them a helping hand, and look after her well-being. She is not there to only serve you, she is there to love and respect, so share the chores and help her with the children and then see her dedication towards the family. 
  • Men abuse women emotionally: Your wife is not only to take orders, as she is your partner and her thoughts and ideas are equally valuable. Marriage cannot run without balancing two wheels, so seek her opinion in your everyday decisions. Men use women by simply placing their orders on her and refrain from taking her opinion on everyday matters. Husbands need to lend a helping hand to their wives so that she is not drained physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

  • She is not the only parent, you are responsible too: Men need to own up their fatherhood and must take care of the kids in an equal manner. Kids are not only the responsibility of mother’s but fathers have to equally lend a hand for the well-being of the kids. Nagging your wife the entire day about taking care of kids will make her feel inferior and your kid will have a negative impression about you. If you help your wife with the kids, then you will be a role model for them.

  • Ask yourself, what you have done for her? Before ordering her next time or questioning her about the chores not done, think about what you have done for her. Have you helped her with the kids or cleaning or have you looked after your parent’s yourselves? If not, then you have no right to constantly nag her about not taking care of the kids or not finishes all the housework. She will eventually do it at her own pace, but your questioning can dishearten her and she can go into depression. 

There are many people worldwide leading a happy and wonderful life by respecting each other and treating each other as equals, so if you want to lead a happy married life, don’t think of your wife as a nanny, caretaker, or a housekeeper as she too deserves respect and love. 

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21 thoughts on “Treat her with respect!”

  1. Am a single man and I think being gay has helped understanding women much better than most straight men….relationships are never easy between men and women and so much has to do with just knowing respect as human beings first than gender. Insightful and well written..thanks and hope men are reading and applying

  2. A real man never hurts a woman. Treat her like you’re still trying to win her, and that’s how you’ll never lose her. And yes ofcourse there are many people worldwide leading a happy and wonderful life by respecting each other and treating each other as equals.

  3. Loved your article which exactly explains about each and every single woman facing it.. Definitely women deserves to treated well as they are not your servant or employee.. She should get respect.

  4. True that! Being bread earner in most cases the male ego writs large but even where both are working ; dominance does get established as one comes from office & relaxes & the other heads to the kitchen!
    This needs to change & women will have to ascertain sharing the load!

  5. All the domestic violence cases are not necessarily physical abuse, most of it is emotional and mental abuse. Which is carried out by words and insults. Thought provoking blog.

  6. Wonderful article. In every relationship respect is must. An equal world is an enabled world. No one is less or more and this is the key to a happy life.

  7. Men and women are equal in every respect. And there are no two ways about it!
    I treat my wife with respect all the time, and give her full support to follow her dreams and passions. That’s the reason we are happily married for 14 years 🙂

  8. Such a lovely article with relevant pointers. Yes, we can’t change the mindset of the men as a whole. But there are good men who treat women as their counterparts too. But, what you said is true about manhood.

  9. Afreennaz Ansari

    This is so required and a must for everyone to follow for sure. Its time to treat her well

  10. The quality of a real man is to never hurt a woman.
    Treat her the way you would want yourself to be treated.

  11. Like it is hard times to all, it is especially hard to mothers who are balancing everything right now, it’s important to be compassionate and kind to all the mothers and the women out there. Such a great post.

  12. Current times are extremely tough for women. I think it’s my testing period from dawn to dusk. But people now realise that a woman is strong and nothing is impossible if she gets her mind to it.

  13. This article touches a really crucial point, it needs to be understood beyond just the words. I’m going to share this with every man and woman I know.

  14. It’s not just movies, I know friends who have changed since being married. While some have a customized nanny cum wife, some have got a partner whom they share their chores and life. It’s disheartening to see that people can treat women like this.

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