What Is Panda Parenting?

What is Panda parenting-Why is it important?

 Panda parenting is the latest parenting technique that allows the kids to be more independent. They can make their own decisions and learn on their own. In this type of parenting, the parents respect the preferences of their children and guide them only when it is necessary. This parenting helps in building a strong foundation for the children to make them self-sufficient.

Panda parenting is gaining immense popularity nowadays and if you are looking for ways to adopt this gentle approach in upbringing children, then here is our guide. Panda Parenting is about gently guiding your children instead of forcing things upon them. Panda parents give their little ones, the freedom to do things in their way. This is an out-of-the-box parenting technique that pushes the children along the way and helps them become independent. It also encourages a sense of responsibility.

Why is it important?

Panda parenting helps build trust in little minds, which is a very important factor. Trust is the main factor in maintaining an ideal parent-child relationship. Parents should practice more sensitivity and discretion while handling the delicate lives of little ones. Panda parenting is quite different from other parenting approaches. Parents need to make sure that their children stay safe but they should not interfere with their development. Children can follow their passion and interests so that children become well-rounded adults.

In Panda parenting, parents allow children to try things on their own and allow them to ask questions, take risks, break rules, make mistakes, and enjoy. Making mistakes enhances a child’s ability as they become more efficient to overcome failures. With this, they become independent and responsible.

Panda parenting does not mean absolute freedom. There are still many ground rules and boundaries. As your child gets older, these rules can be modified. These rules are mainly about playtime, homework, and screen time. It is about maintaining the right balance between independence and protecting them.

 Parents will still have to safeguard children and teach them the skills to be safe. Children depend on us for guidance and if in any case disciplinary action is needed then don’t use threats or fear. Parents should control their emotions and should not yell at their kids. Children need to feel loved by their parents so parents should be genuinely interested in their requirements, ideas, and interests. Establishing a partnership with your child’s teachers and school staff can help develop a strong bond. Listen to your child actively, and be in the moment with your child.


  • It allows children to be more independent and pick up responsibilities at a younger age
  • It enables them to learn from their mistakes where other approaches do not work.
  • When children learn from their own mistakes, they learn the importance of falling and moving on.
  • It teaches them to ask for help when required.
  • Kids can exceed their expectations and set bigger goals.


  • Parents will be questioning their values when others judge them

Should we support Panda parenting?

I think it is okay to change the parenting style with time. We all have evolved as parents over the years. The method works well and as children start responding well.

We can support Panda parenting as children become more independent and responsible when they get to take their own decisions with your guidance. Children become more self-sufficient as they can do things for themselves.

Panda Parenting is different from other approaches. You will make sure that children are safe, but not to the point of interfering with their development.

8 thoughts on “What Is Panda Parenting?”

  1. It is right for the situation that we all are in the now. Its super difficult to force kids into books etc. This sounds at least a bit relaxing for parents. And it does everything for a child that needs to be done. Sounds like a good way to parent the millennials

  2. Children being independent is always important as it lets them be creative and explore and come up with new ideas. Never knew the term Panda Parenting. Great share!

  3. Panda Parenting- something knew. It is good way to make children independent. I will share your words & this post with my friends having kids.

  4. I didn’t even know about this style of parenting. Really cool thing as it is important to leave the kids be themselves. I have seen parents who force their kids for everything and I really feel sad for those kids. It is so difficult for them to take small decisions and explore. This will allow them to grow using their own intellect and makes them better at analyzing.

  5. Loved reading this…m I too believe that kids should be given some soft of liberty and independence to decide for them selves and I do practise it too. I always ask for their choise when it comes to them before the final selection. This makes kids feel important and also confident

  6. I am a panda parent (without really realising I was one) because I am a strong advocate of independent thinking among children. What a wonderful way to raise kids 🙂

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