Why Choose Bliss Edify International School-Pune

Why Choose Bliss Edify International School-Pune
Bliss Edify International School is located in Hinjewadi, Pune. The objective of the school is to develop a learning community where each child is inspired to realise his/her uppermost potential.
This school offers a gamut of international education programmes. The programmes encourage both personal and academic accomplishment, inspiring students to outshine in their studies and their personal development.
The school focus on holistic development and is bestowed as the best school in Pune.  Apart from academics, the school curriculum includes sports, clubs, educational field trips, international exchanges, and community service and hobby development. Students from different nationalities study in this school.
Bliss Edify is one of the very few schools in Pune which is offering foreign languages from Nursery onwards.
This school cater’s to all segments of pre-primary, primary and secondary education. They also provide daycare facility in Hinjewadi. Bliss Edify is the only school in Pune that offers daycare at no additional cost. They follow the experiential approach to learning and small kids from the very beginning are made to learn by doing.  Experiential learning builds a solid foundation for life-long learning.
Bliss Edify International School is the most preferred and best school in Pune. This school also focus on the emotional wellbeing of the child which is critical for growing kids. Every study lesson is designed keeping self-learning in mind. Kids learning and development is built through encouragement. Acknowledging their efforts and motivating them to do better each time is the sole belief of school.
Teachers are always encouraged to use the best and innovative learning and teaching practices.  Teachers have learning tactics and strategies which are best suited to a heterogeneous mix of students. Teachers employ proprietary teaching approaches, thus preparing students for a future where critical thinking, problem-solving and creativity will be vital for success in the real world. Teachers and parents’ discussions are promoted frequently to emphasize understanding of the need of each student.
Bliss Edify management give additional focus on updating curriculum keeping the needs of kids in mind with changing environmental circumstances.  They have technology integrated curriculum and are known for providing the best virtual classes in Pune.
In the past few months, we have seen virtual education is reality and Bliss Edify International School is best in that as they merge traditional education with state-of-the-art technological advancement. To widen real-life experience for students, students are provided internship with external agencies. These internships are designed keeping learning in mind and teaching children the importance of helping others in need.
Bliss Edify is best infrastructure school in Pune. They give equal emphasis on sports, music, performing and visual arts. They have specially designed areas such as reading corner, Jungle Gym, Yoga room, cafeteria, science lab. As part of the curriculum subjects, Bliss Edify has swimming, skating, tennis and basketball. They also provide meals to all students as part of the fee structure.

 I hope I have listed all the reasons why we should choose Bliss Edify for our children.

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  1. This is a well thought out article covering the aspects of selecting a school which is move relevant today. definitely good insights.

  2. Yes you mentioned each and everything about the school and why parents need to choose Bliss Edify International school for their children.

  3. What beautiful spaces and rhe images say it all in the individapproach of the institution. I have also read about this place and its great to see the personalized programmes and methodology

  4. Love the way you described Bliss Edify International school and it’s teaching methodology and experimental learning technique. Love the facilities they provide. Will definitely recommend to those in Pune.

  5. Bliss Edify International School looks like a wonderful place to study. The pedagogy and learning also seems to be relevant to current times. Thanks for the lovely read 😊

  6. Holistic development is the need of the day! Thank you for sharing about this school… I will share this with my friends!

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