Winter Food To Boost Immunity In Kids

Winter Food For Immunity

With dropping temperatures every day, daylight hours are becoming shorter and your kids can face lower energy levels and mood swings. Kids feel less active in winter months and it is important to focus on providing them with adequate nutrition during this time. There are several foods that can keep your kids happy and healthy this winter as Mother Nature is there to provide you with a bounty of healthy foods that are fresh and amazing. Kids need a lot of energy during winters as there are more allergies and health troubles during winters. However, Mommies, we are here with a hand-picked list of winter foods and recipes that can help your kids stay happier, healthier and energetic. 

Let’s have a quick glance at once –

Garlic: This superfood is packed with Allicin and is a powerful antioxidant that keeps the body away from illness and the common cold. It is very difficult to eat garlic as it is, but you can add it to various vegetables, pasta or other dishes. Kids also love to eat garlic bread, so you can make garlic bread for them. Garlic is infamous due to its smell, but believe us it is a wonder food for winters that can boost the immunity of your child and can help your child stay away from cold. 

Carrots: These little veggies are a powerhouse of nutrition and are rich in beta-carotene. Carrots help in maintaining healthy eyesight and it also boosts the white blood cells in winters. With enhanced WBC, your immune system will improve and the body will stay protected against viral infections. Carrots can be eaten raw, or you can juice it up. You can also serve them as a soup or a sweet carrot halwa can do the trick. 

Oranges and Citrus Fruits: Oranges are a rich source of Vitamin C and fibre and children simply love eating this favourite fruit as it is packed with antioxidants that help maintain a healthy immune system. Oranges and other citrus fruits are easy to carry anywhere and can be eaten easily. We highly recommend giving orange juice to the kids in the morning or they can be served in the afternoon with lunch. 

Green Leafy vegetables and Spinach: These vegetables are full of Vitamin A, C, Folate, and Lutein. Spinach is a superfood for kids during winters as it is packed with dietary fibre and it can keep the digestive system of kids clean by preventing constipation. Palak Paneer and Saag are a great option for kids during winters. You can also serve spinach in dips, pasta and can also be used as a sandwich filling. 

Pomegranate: This fruit is a great source of antioxidants and helps boost immunity. Pomegranate juice is an amazing option during winters as it can kill intestinal worms. Pomegranate raita and fruit salads are also an amazing option and the kids love eating these red pearls. 

Choose these winter foods for your kids and help them stay fit and healthy. Try infusing these foods in your kid’s daily diet and tell us how they like them. These foods will keep them full of energy and will keep them away from diseases as it helps in immunity building.

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